Global solar limit (draft). Referencia: Carlos de Castro, Margarita Mediavilla, Luis Javier Miguel y Fernando Frechoso. 2011

”Global solar electric power potential: technical and ecological limits”  (borrador del artículo publicado en Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 28(2013), 824-835 )


This paper makes a global assessment of the technical and ecological potential of solar electric power. Despite renewable energies offer a great theoretical potential of energy and most of them are in the first steps of their development and exploitation, their limits should be carefully analyzed. While other methodologies are based in theoretical efficiencies of renewable energies or generous estimations of effective global surface than could be occupied by the renewable infrastructure, our assessment is based on a top-down methodology (Castro et al., 2011) that takes into account present real efficiencies and surface occupation of technologies, land competence and other limits such as mineral reserves. Although some uncertainties can not be avoid, our estimations for the global potential of solar electrical power are 1,75-4,5 TWe, which implies a hard techno-ecological of solar power potential, much lesser than other assessments.

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